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SİSTEMİK Vision, Control and Security Systems

SİSTEMİK, which sets out with the aim of increasing the efficiency of your business, is a STELAB Yazılım Mühendislik A.Ş. is the brand. SİSTEMİK’s products, services and systems are supported by STELAB’s strong engineers, software developers and business analysts. STELAB, which is the solution partner and application specialist of important brands such as IBM, Logo Yazılım, Kronnika, aims to be the digital colleague of SİSTEMİK customers and to grow with their customers with cloud technologies and artificial intelligence applications.

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Body Temperature and Face Recognition Systems

  • High Performance and Efficiency

  • Face Recognition

  • Contactless Body Temperature Measurement

  • HES Code Inquiry

  • Visitor Registration Systems

  • Automated Toll – Passing Systems

  • Personnel Payroll System

  • Ability to Integrate with Your Business System


Access Control Systems

  • Local or Centralized Access Control Solutions
  • Integration with Fire Alarm and other Alarm Systems
  • Special Card Design and Printing for your Business needs with High Security Brands

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Biometric and Password Access Systems

Various Combinations of Biometric entry, Password and Access Cards

All reports such as entry-exit information, person-based authorizations, daily, weekly, monthly, etc., with devices communicating over the network can be submitted through the software. • In cases where there is no network access, the information is kept in the device’s internal memory and can be transferred to central systems via USB cables and SD cards.


  • Factories and Workshops
  • Hotels and Residences
  • Warehouses, Laboratories,
  • Data centers, Business Centers
  • School and University Campuses

STELAB and it’s electrical and electronics engineering team who have experiances with the projects around the world as a senior Project Manager and Project Developers. SİSTEMİK is ready to Support its customers to guide and respond to all low voltage current systems and automation needs.

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Turnstile Entry Systems

    • Factories and Production Facilities
    • Public Transport Areas
    • Universities, Schools.
    • Banks, Business Centers
    • Theme Parks, Museums
    • Sport Facilities and Many Other Organizations.
    • Scenarios for Power Cuts and Emergencies Can Be Design for Regular Emergency Trials
    • Integrated with Various Alarm and Control Systems

Security System

Automatic Barrier and License Plate Recognition Systems

  • In order to control vehicle entries and exits in indoor and outdoor parking areas.
  • Can be use for site entries, factories, business centers
  • Increasing security though recognizing and keeping records of license plates with safety photocell and magnetic loop detector.
  • Supports to keep records in data storages


Security Guard Tour Control System

It is a solution for monitoring and reporting the patrol controls of security guards whether indoors or in large scale of open areas of your business.

It is a fast, handheld, easy to install and easy to use tracking system is provided for the need to go on patrols, places to check certain period of times and such and many more different purposes.

Security System

Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call system used for where nurses are needed to provide quick and efficient support to their patients to increase quality.

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X-Ray Detector Access Systems

  • X-Ray devices are easy to use
  • In order to prevent any situation that harmful to danger human well being.
  • Saves images of items in internal data storage
  • X-ray baggage scanning detectors provide bidirectional scanning of the goods passes through the X-ray units

security system

CCTV and Security Systems

We provide detection and surveillance of security cameras and recording systems. We do develop projects related to image systems, image analysis, vehicle and people tracking solutions.

We do consultancy services for power and network infrastructure design.

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Order and Stock Controlling Systems – Barcode Readers

We offer stock and order control system that works with your business terminals, handheld terminals, barcode and label printers for stock and order tracking for your business.

  • Retail and wholesales stores
  • School, workshop, factory, spare part business
  • Monitoring the distributed stock and sales to branches
  • Stock and Order Management for E-Commerce companies within their network system

Easy to use handheld terminals and barcode readers

Customer Relations

We keep our relationship with our customers constantly and support you as your companion on your digital transformation journey.

Technical Support

We undertake and carry out maintenance and repair activities in line with your needs. We will respond as soon as possible with our technical teams


After providing the necessary hardware and software, we train your personnel and aim to get the highest efficiency.