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Equipped with superior security applications, their kiosks are vigilant against system crashes. All changes made, especially in kiosks with Internet connection, can be restored to their original state only by restarting the system.

Kiosk Systems

Kiosk systems are the most advanced interactive promotional tools of the century, consisting of a computer and a touch screen hidden inside the cabinet, used for promotion, advertisement, information and guidance purposes.

The kiosks, which are designed differently for indoor and outdoor use, have designs in different colors and models. While the emphasis is on an impressive and stylish design in indoor kiosks, the emphasis is on durability and simple functionality in outdoor kiosks.

Kiosks can be used easily by anyone since there is no need for computer usage knowledge, and with this aspect, Kiosks have a free usage area that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, especially in public places, crowded areas and places where information flow is lacking and insufficient.

THE MOST USED AREAS OF KIOSK Systems (Touch screen kiosk)


  • Cinema, theatre, stadium box office and foyers
  • Shopping malls, hypermarkets
  • Fair, seminar and congress centers
  • City centers, bus stops, metro, train stations,
  • Showrooms
  • Internet cafes
  • Municipal, consulate, embassy buildings

Airports, bus stations and marinas

Palace, national park, historical and touristic places

Universities and other educational institutions

  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants